How do I configure the swell shoes to work with Hauptwerk?

If you have the swell shoes plugged into the pedalboard, you need to configure them via the pedalboard. See pg. 8 in the pedalboard manual or follow the instructions below.

Shoes are considered "Analog Inputs". You need to set the output of the shoes to the appropriate channel, AND message before you will see any output data. See the output to send a volume control change. (control message 07)

If you get the correct data coming out of the MIDI gear (confirmed by MIDI medic, MIDI OX or MIDI Monitor) and then it doesn't work in Hauptwerk, then it is a Hauptwerk config issue.

Here are some Typical Swell Shoe sequences


After Pressing the programming push-button you have about 10-15 seconds to complete each sequence.

You need to press the push-button to start programming each sequence as well.

You will not see any MIDI data from any analog input until both the channel and the control message sequences have been completed for that analog input.

Programming button = PB

Analog 0 (closest to the black stripe)

PB, F#1 A#2 (clears the previous configuration)
PB, F#1 F#2 B1 A#2 Channel 7 (This defaults to Hauptwerk's Crescendo pedal)
PB, F#1 D#2 E1 A#2 MIDI Volume Control (07)

Analog 1

PB, G#1 A#2 (clears the previous configuration)
PB, G#1 F#2 E1 A#2 Channel 3 (This defaults to Hauptwerk's Swell pedal)
PB, G#1 D#2 E1 A#2 MIDI Volume Control (07)

Analog 2

PB, A#1 A#2 (clears the previous configuration)
PB, A#1 F#2 F1 A#2 Channel 4 (This defaults to Hauptwerk's Choir pedal)
PB, A#1 D#2 E1 A#2 MIDI Volume Control (07)



For those who have the swell shoes plugged into the keyboards instead of the pedalboard

If you have the shoes plugged into the keyboards themselves, then you can use the CMK Config software to configure them. Keep in mind that one input is for Ahlborn Crescendos only and the other is configurable by the software.

If you are using a PC you can confirm the correct the output from your MIDI gear by installing MIDI Medic from the Classic Organ Works CD.

If you are using a Mac, you can download MIDI Monitor from the internet. It is free and does mostly the same things. 

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