Adjusting Dimming for USB Lighted Rocker Tabs

The brightness of the lights for each LRT board can be adjusted independently. 

1) Determine the channel that the board is set to.

2) Make sure the test switch (#8) is in the off (up) position

3) Set your MIDI controller (in this case any swell shoe output) to send a MIDI control change,  the MIDI Channel (in this case channel 1), and controller message number 003. Then click "OK".

Note: If the MIDI out port is set to "any enabled port", this will adjust adjust all LRTs that share the same channel. This is great if you want to adjust all of the boards at once. However, if you wish to adjust the dimming on only 1 LRT, set the MIDI out port to reflect the board that you want to adjust.




4) Now move the shoe you selected to set the dimming back and forth (physically, if it's already mapped to a real shoe or on-screen if it's not mapped to a physical shoe) to find the desired brightness.




5) Once you've found the brightness you want, toggle dip switch #8 to the on position (down) and back to the off position (up).  This saves the setting in the memory of the LRT board temporarily.

6) Close Hauptwerk at this point.

7) Unplug the USB cable from the boards affected and plug them back in. This will set the dimming setting in the LRT board.

8) Restart Hauptwerk.

9) To prevent unwanted adjustment of the brightness, go back to the Primary output tab of configuration screen for the shoe you selected.  Set the Output field back to "<No output (disabled)>". 


Note: If you want to make the LRTs dynamically dimmable, you can use any device that Hauptwerk can accept continuous controller data from. Then find an unused input in your sample set (e.g your sample set has a crescendo pedal but you never use crescendo pedals) or Hauptwerk's master crecendo (which most people never use). Auto detect your device in the MIDI in tab. Then set the primary output as described above. If you do this, you can skip step 5 unless you want to set a new, default brightness.



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