Hauptwerk for the Blind Organist

Jerry is blind. However, he's also a retired professional who is used to getting things done.  So when we started talking about building a Hauptwerk instrument using our MIDIWorks products, we started with "how" rather than "if" it could be done. He, along with organ tech Dominick (Nick) Orso, have done a fantastic job in creating an organ to meet his needs.

Jerry started with a compact console because he had some spatial constraints. He and Dominick added toe studs that plugged into the pedalboard. 

Since touchscreens aren't a whole lot of use to Jerry, They went with Novation Launchpad S 64-Button Controllers and built racks that would hold them in place like touch screens. This allowed him to put braille on the switches and use like regular stop jambs.

 Notice the fantastic drawers they built to house keyboards and other controllers needed for the special computer provided by www.dancingdots.com who specializes in PCs for blind musicians.

These drawers hold the wireless computer keyboard on the left, and several small devices on the right, including wireless off/on switches for the organ transformers, monitor and small loudspeakers for his Jaws screen access program for the blind.


He also has a removable shelf that he can use for reading braille scores with his left hand while he's using he right hand and feet on the manuals and pedals. This is Jerry's unique invention.


We always like a good product "hack"! Jerry and Nick have done a great job of taking some basic products and customizing them by fabricating some new, innovative parts.

If you're in the Portland Maine area and need help installing MIDIWorks products or if you need some fine wood work done, contact Nick Orso Organ Service at (207) 774-2702.

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