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Viscount Legend Classic organ, with Stand, Bench, & 25n Pedalboard
Viscount Legend Classic organ, with Stand, Bench, & 25n Pedalboard
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Product only available in Canada

The Legend Classic organ is able to perfectly recreate the sound of tonewheels organs offering you again the “vintage feeling”. With four sets of drawbars and double keyboards, this organ stands apart from all the rest in advanced technology sound, feel and much more affordable pricing. Every aspect of a tonewheel keyboard and sound is so perfectly duplicated that players all over the world are saying “it’s the best ever!”



  • Viscount Legend Classic by Keyb provides you the perfect tonewheel organ solution.
  • Premium waterfall keyboards
  • The latest in tonewheel organ modeling technology
  • Easy to play
  • State of the art rotary and amp simulation
  • Two full sets of drawbars per manual
  • Harmonic percussion and key click
  • Effects volume vibrato and chorus
  • Upper and lower realtime controls
  • Half moon switch
  • 11-pins Leslie® connector
  • Fx send/retrun
  • USB power charger


More Information: 25n Pedalboard

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